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pole sporto federacija

Open Lithuanian Aerial & Pole Championship 2024
Artistic Pole, Hoop, Silks, Hammock

2nd of June 2024

Application fee – 20 Eur
Stage fee – 40 Eur

The deadline for applications is on the 30st of April

”Open Lithuanian Aerial & Pole Championship 2024’ is the first open championship of its kind in Lithuania, organized by Lithuania aerial and pole sport federation. We hope to gather as many Pole Dance lovers as possible, not only from Lithuania but also from the surrounding countries. We kindly invite everyone from any country to apply and perform!

Since Pole Sports became more and more popular, we are sure that it is about time to organize our own championship. This event is about the artistic part of Pole sports, showing that sports and arts can be closely related. Every participant will have the opportunity to express themselves, tell their story using not only dance moves and strength but also artistry.

Pole Art Rules & Regulations


  • Adults 18+ (from 18 years)
  • Juniors+ (15-17 years.)
  • Juniors 10+ (10-14 years)
  • Kids 6+ (6-9 years)
  • Duets (mix of: aduls, juniors, kids)
  • must be at least 18 years old;
  • must be attending classes for less than 2 years;
  • cannot have trainer exprience;
  • cannot have any profssional experience in other sports (professional competitions, team representation abroad, etc.)
  • cannot perform such tricks as Handspring, Deadlifts or Flips.


  • must be at least 18 years old;
  • must have attended classes for at least 2 years.


  • must be at least 18 years old;
  • must have attended classes for at least 5 years;
  • must have won 1st-3rd place in competitions in semi-pro category or higher; and/or represent discipline at a professional level.

Artistic part:

  • Creativity of Choreography – 10
  • Capacity of Expression – 10
  • Musicality – 10
  • Floor work – 10
  • Costume, Hairstyle, Makeup – 10

Total: 50


Technical part:

  • Mastery and Fluidity of pole tricks and transitions – 10
  • Dynamics and Strength tricks  – 10
  • The Complexity of Choreography – 10
  • Visual representation of choreography – 10
  • Flexibility elements – 10

Total: 50



  • Falling – 5
  • Slip – 5
  • Non-conforming costume – 5
  • Cleaning hands (on costume or pole) – 5
  • Non-conforming music – 5
  • Rubbing intimate body parts, erotic connotation gestures – 5

The length of the participant’s performance should be within the following range:
 2:00 – 3:30

Music with a vulgar language, unethical, racist etc. content is forbidden.

Your music track should be saved as an MP3 file and named like so: name_surname_category.MP3

If few contestants choose the same music, the contestant who sent it first in the application gets the privilege to use it.

Finish –  stainless steel
Diameter – 45 mm.
Height – 4 m.
Distance between each – 3m.

Looking from the viewer point of the stage:

  • left pole will be static;
  • right pole will be spin.



The stage has a minimum of three (3) metres clearance in front, side and behind the Hoop, Silks, Hammock.

A mattress (2×2 m wide and 20 cm thick) will be used in the performances.

Surface – grip tape
Hoop diameters – 80 cm, 90 cm, 95 cm, 100 cm.
Tube diameter – 23-30 mm.
Hung –  one (1) point

Height – from 6 to 8 meter.
Width – 150-160 cm.
Material – polyester.


Participants are free to choose an individual costume, but there are few restrictions on it’s structure.

Clothing restrictions:

  • The costume can be one-piece or two-piece;
  • Any zone of bikini must be completely covered;
  • The top part of costume must be covered from both sides (front & back);
  • The bottom of the costume must fully cover the buttocks;
  • Men are allowed to perform without the top part.

Things to note:

  • The most important rule in this competition is that none of the look (from choreography to costume) will include any erotic or fetish connotations;
  • High heels are not allowed in this competition but it is allowed to use puants or any other special footwear for gymnastics, etc.;
  • It is also allowed to use extra accessories such as scarfs, mantles, skirts, masks and so on.

There are two fees in total:

  1. Registration fee – 20 Eur 
    This is fee is for each candidate who is applying and expecting her/his application to be reviewed and evaluated. The payment must be done while filling official registration form with payment details highlighted. If participant fails to pay, the application will not be considered.
  2. Scene fee – 40 Eur
    This fee is only applicable if the candidate becomes the finalist. This payment must be done into the same bank account as the registration fee. Payment must be done within 20th of April


Bank transfer:

Beneficiary – Lietuvos Oro Ir Pole Sporto Federacija
IBAN – LT557300010167454046
Bank – Swedbank AB
Details – Full name | Category

The deadline for applications is on
30st of April 2024

• Film your own video with a performance mood of 1:00-2:00 min. duration and upload a youtube link (Unlisted). The video must be without editing.
• Fill out the registration form.
• Pay the registration fee of €20. 

After receiving confirmation of participation, until May 15. you need to pay the stage fee – 40€.

Finalists are announced within 5-10 days. after registration closes.

After watching the video, you can be moved to another category.

The winners

The first three places are announced. They are awarded with trophies, prizes established by sponsors, and diplomas. Acknowledgments are given to all other finalists.


The day before the competition, participants e-mail by mail ( must deliver copies of the following documents:

– sports insurance;

– for minor participants – consent of parents or guardians.


The use of body creams and lotions (because of the oil they contain) is prohibited before and during the competition. It is forbidden to apply magnesia and other liquids to the pole. The participant can use specialized magnesia-based creams (for example, Dry Hands, etc.) to improve the adhesion of the pole to the body, these creams cannot contain ricin.

Props must be brought in and taken out in less than 2 minutes. The participant is responsible for bringing in and taking out the props. The competition organizer must be informed in advance about the props (eg: balls, lights, confetti, chairs, additional screens, etc.).

It is forbidden to use fire, water, and other liquids and paraphernalia that can damage the stage, inventory, and cause danger to yourself and others.

The performance may be repeated if its performance has been disrupted due to technical obstacles.


Disqualification applies if:

– the general rules and regulations of the event are not followed;

– arriving while intoxicated (alcohol or other psychoactive substances) or intoxicated (alcohol or other psychoactive substances) during the event;

– the commission or other competition participants are insulted;

– destruction of property;

– in cases of violence and/or theft.



The Lithuanian Aerial and Pole Sport Federation, the direct organizer of the event, is not responsible for possible injuries sustained during the event (or individual preparation related to it).

The organizer undertakes, as far as the technical possibilities allow, to provide quality conditions for performances.

The organizer reserves the right to change the details of the event, provided that the participants are informed of the changes.

The organizer has the right to record the competition in various forms (photos, videos), as well as publish or cancel it, depending on the quality.

On the day of the event, in case of unforeseen circumstances, please contact the “LPSF” staff for help.

  • Spectator tickets will be available at
  • Photos and videos of your performance will be available from the photographer and videographer of the event
  • More detailed information will be published before the event


The deadline for applications is
30st of April 2024 

Verkių g. 31C, Vilnius. (Outlet park)
Įėjimas B1, 2-tas aukštas, 13 patalpa, šokių klubas „Judesys“.


☝🏼 Išankstinio bilieto kaina 10€, vaikams 7€
☝🏼 Renginio dieną bilieto kaina 15€, vaikams 10€

☝🏼 Bilietų teiraukitės savo miesto studijoje arba įsigykite pavedimu.

Gavėjas – Lietuvos Oro Ir Pole Sporto Federacija
Sąsk. nr – LT557300010167454046
Paskirtis – Žiūrovo vardas, pavardė.
(Jeigu perkate kelis bilietus, įrašykite visų žiūrovų vardus ir pavardes) 
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